PES 2012 – Goals and Tricks Compilation (HD)


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  1. Święty Piotr says:

    Goalkeeper – Idiots xD

  2. AmazingGoalsOnly says:

    Es muy raro que tanta gente que aun no lo SEPA Equipo de Liga champions! Lo que el it Ultimate Team en el FIFA.Poder fichar a los mejores jugadores del mundo y en tu equipo tenerlos. Todo eso it 🙂

  3. EL RUL campeon says:

    messi en el real madrid

  4. AmazingGoalsOnly says:

    If you are over 50, 60 kms to the recommend button 80, 90% full you bar.Wenn 25-30, 40 m, it is better to use 50% or less full bar.

  5. AmazingGoalsOnly says:


  6. AmazingGoalsOnly says:

    My French is nul / terrible so I say to you in English. That was top players bro. The funny thing is that most goals were Online.Hoffe you at least some long shot 🙂 enjoy

  7. AmazingGoalsOnly says:

    Thank you. I like this kind of Fifa fan like you. Cheers!

  8. هاشمی فردوس says:

    NUL! Tu ne nous apprend criteria. Et ça se voit que tu en joues Débutant!

  9. Noel Schaller says:

    Nice vid. but I preafure fifa, graphics and are mutch mutch beter

  10. Mohammed Nabeel says:

    Hala Madrid!

  11. Cristi Murgoci says:


  12. igr car says:

    how much power u use for a long shots?

  13. TheMusicChannel says:

    02:49 Messi in real time?

  14. TheMusicChannel says:

    They will do a video “How to make the amazing TRICKS?”: DDanke, best.

  15. Kosovo Serbia says:

    YOU ARE KING for PES player! ! ! ! !

  16. Lord Daphloon says:

    0:45 how did you do that?

  17. VideosNachito says:

    por que dios me golazos suscribo

  18. Hatsune Mikuo says:

    Te ganaste un sub

  19. Adrian-Ioan Juravle says:

    How to make a tricks in PES 2012?

  20. MrDieguito433 says:

    Amigo! Muy buenas status demostraciones! C:

  21. AmazingGoalsOnly says:

    Muchas gracias. Creo que me encanta tu avatar 😉

  22. jesus muñiz moreno says:

    the goals are goals epics

  23. AmazingGoalsOnly says:

    Near the goalkeeper, shot back + direction

  24. AmazingGoalsOnly says:


  25. nick azim says:

    pc or ps?

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