PES 2012 — Match Prediction: FC Bayern Munich vs. Netherlands


25 Responses to “PES 2012 — Match Prediction: FC Bayern Munich vs. Netherlands”

  1. RickyCruz1301 says:

    Wtf soldado sucks give #7 back to villa

  2. TPerkinss says:

    You say “realistic” graphics as if PES’ is any better…

  3. FreddyGames97 says:

    yeah and you enjoy your arcade games with its “realistic” graphics and physics…

  4. N7567 says:

    they can’t do the premier league cause ea games how made the fifa it is from London so….

  5. cannonballkid says:

    why watch videos of a game you dont like thats just weird….

  6. MIAMIoO says:

    commentator is so bad
    gameplay etc. such a cheap parody to FIFA :/

  7. briancorley1991 says:

    but in pes 12 its london fc

  8. MixXedgameplayZ says:

    y so many dislikes?

  9. ronaldofan500 says:

    its chelsea

  10. TPerkinss says:

    You PES fans, ahahaha enjoy your ‘amazing’ 2 league game.

  11. miazlol says:

    look at the fucking running animation. I mean no offence PES fans but that looks like a warm pile of shit drawn out of a bull’s ass

  12. kiragaribay12 says:

    Someone play me

  13. ItszRainboW says:


  14. MDi24 says:

    Reckon the animations are amazing, just think the fans / cheering could be better , I.e. doesn’t feel anywhere near as dramatic as it should when a goal is scored

  15. AglantziotisJunior says:

    lol, the only correct prediction until now was muller’s goal with the head at about 80

  16. AglantziotisJunior says:


  17. goivirealmadridGTAV says:

    pro evolution soccer 2013 congrats London FC ( @cheseafc ) for win champions league

  18. goivirealmadridGTAV says:

    Congrats London FC for wining uefa champions league lol brutal comment

  19. TheTruckDuck says:


  20. guffywuffy2 says:


  21. Kennykentaro says:

    Poor Robben and shit team FC Bayern

  22. warteck18 says:

    lol since Chelsea FC is not licensed in PES, they couldn’t do a match prediction for the CL Final. Chelsea all the way and D.Drogba is a true legend.

  23. JoengeTV says:

    Yes upload PES 13 news, because PES 12 is fucking SHITTTTTT !

  24. JamieDaCosta says:

    I know, I was being facetious :)

  25. VSoccerGameShow says:

    Why so much of negative comments ? One more thing, if you prefer to see complete matches, it is on my channel. ^^

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