PES 2012 – Pro Evolution Soccer iPhone game play video


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  1. sticksjke says:

    @ ShattyDiablo No, it does not.

  2. coolchicken man says:

    can I have a 8-0 lead in the first half, so I’m better. Also, why did Messi pass the ball to Casillias in the break away?

  3. ShattyDiablo says:

    Does the game have commented, I just checked, fifa 12 on iphone and it hatKommentar

  4. ibrahim javed says:

    People who actually know abt football like Barca … Madrid is Scheiße.Viva Barca.!

  5. duke amin says:

    it like pes 12 ps2 with worst graphics

  6. Adil Merzlov says:

    Game is shit

  7. Diego Pérez says:

    ddonde lo conseguiste?

  8. Moosie says:

    I have the full version

  9. sticksjke says:

    It is similar to PES 2011, but Konami corrected physics, now the ball can seingesponnen and graphics.

  10. Machonima says:


  11. DescargasVirtuales says:

    Fuck the Barça team most football Real Madrid FC!! AlaMadrid!

  12. Bloodout11 says:

    @ I’m not PxeroxD you pay money for it lol

  13. Bloodout11 says:

    I can not wait until it comes on instalous

  14. Mr266353 says:

    @ Blob31900 nooo

  15. martinsons98 says:

    I always think that the best team is and remains the FC_Barcelona b! : P: P: P

  16. PxeroxD says:

    @ Bloodout11 LOL

  17. blob31900 says:

    It has a comment. He just did not turn on.

  18. Cone Statue says:

    I have a mini-galaxy and its screen sucks and I play better then DUMPass!

  19. sergukr says:

    How do you rec video with sound? I display Recording recording, right?

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