PES 2012 vs FIFA 12


24 Responses to “PES 2012 vs FIFA 12”

  1. Laur Sirbu says:

    pause at 0:37

  2. Winnersi1997 says:

    Fifa is the best

  3. crispyt91 says:

    Pes Has good cut secenes but thats it they focus way to much on that, not gameplay ,sorry FIFA ALL THE WAY

  4. Impale64 says:

    The last good PES was PES6, nowadays it’s a shadow of its former self.

  5. draggsterTV says:

    the uploader is pes FAN !

  6. Mr3dparadize says:

    PES is the Best…. PES Wins

  7. rohandude95 says:

    those Ronaldo’s expressions from 1:34 to 1:36 just showed me the future of footballing games
    btw FIFA FOREVER!! <3

  8. Unknown38478 says:

    FIFA 12 is better

  9. Eric Li says:

    Epic trailers. Love the free kick at the end.

  10. Mizc33 says:

    PES was better untill fifa 11 came out, now PES is waaay behind..

  11. SolarCells135 says:


  12. krazyycanadian says:

    Long live FIFA!!!!!’

  13. Гасырбек Толеу says:

    Music from the movie Saw

  14. DinoDragon998 says:

    Fifa 12 owns it. Pes 2012 players runs like a bunch of retards, lack of presentation and driblling skills

  15. DinoDragon998 says:

    why would u play on ps2 then?

  16. Juninho Sanchez says:

    it simple pes is shit

  17. laboyayou says:

    PES 2012

  18. iTzJiiM says:

    i prefer fifa, i don’t play pes and don’t plan to start

  19. iTzPureOblivion69 says:

    FIFA wiped its arse with PES. No offence.

  20. Weedens93200 says:

    Brand X – Extinction 😉

  21. Mohammad Younis says:

    Wath the song name

  22. G4bzZz says:

    PES faces 2012 = FIFA faces 2010 :p

  23. Muhammed Jaafaru says:

    fifa is way better

  24. boxhead1591 says:

    What the music?

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