PES 2012 – WC Japan 2012 – Holland vs. Belgium


9 Responses to “PES 2012 – WC Japan 2012 – Holland vs. Belgium”

  1. JCA1009 says:

    Thanks! Yes… It was so hard for my that match. Poor Belgium. 😛

  2. MultiMidget2 says:

    At least you tried, JCA!

  3. SainteeForever1884 says:

    When is your next match

  4. JCA1009 says:

    I’m not happy. I did my best but I couldn’t stop this virtual version of the Clockwork Orange. 😛 But it’s fair. They played unstoppable and I have a clear conscience. In the other hand, I’m very happy because this cup is getting awesome. 🙂

  5. Chileno494 says:

    This game is the opposite to the friendly 2 days ago Belgium 4-2 Netherlands

  6. Lorric101 says:

    Dutch fans should be happy with that. That game was just a friendly, this is a competitive match, this is the one that matters 🙂

  7. MultiMidget2 says:

    Go Holland!!! my home country!!!

  8. JCA1009 says:

    Thanks! This cup is getting better and better. 🙂

  9. pikolikee says:

    Quite the same result of the real match but reverse 🙂
    Great game, you’re doing a great job for the jmc World Cup!

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