PES 2013 vs PES 2012


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  1. diromario flores says:

    pes 12 is exactly the same as 13 dats da fucken gay they basically sold pes 12 twice haha ​​fucken bastards

  2. Drunken .Minecraftian says:

    I hate the thing that never PES sets the actual hymns! Bastards

  3. Kryogh says:

    looks weird

  4. Robert18876 says:

    You are right my friend …. It is exactly what I think … PES 2012 is the best football game ever released … with shooting and driblling … You have to improve in 2013 this last, PES .. .

  5. humeir hodza says:

    PES2011 is the best

  6. JoaoPinto23 says:


  7. metarsolid4life says:

    Portogallo ….

  8. TheTheboxing says:

    okk thankss ..

  9. Gamm 111 says:

    better 2012zu PES PES 2013 you need to play a better graphics

  10. TheTheboxing says:

    Guys plzz answer? which is better, because I want to buy?

  11. Luqman Arif says:

    Handball sucks …. just play without handball

  12. Rreazify says:

    PES 2012 is better than any football game ever in the world …. PES 2012 hv prfect 1 Touch …. nice dribbling …. easy to shoot either from a distance or short range distance … and published etc. ..

  13. TopAz Centuallas says:

    PES 2011 is better with a few spots.

  14. 2013newsonlinetoday says:

    I will certainly on your channel often after visiting the things that you have here – truly inspiring! You can visit my channel and give me some advice!

  15. alin coman says:

    I never liked pes 12 until now … You need to know how to master it, it’s hard to do it … I only started tricks, tactics, and some skills to know 200 games online … it’s weird, now i play pes 12 slowly as fifa 12 … weatch for the shapes of the players before each game, it is very important! Press the arrows R1, 5 Tips … pes 12 have a better head-shots, crosses, free kicks and more tactics than fifa 13, work on free training and discover … and it is 3D FUCKIN AMAZING! !

  16. Muratti sokarotti says:

    this season PES 2013 not good enough and fifa fifa fans out here is real cartoon

  17. ruederman says:

    PES has no hand in this game is unreal.

  18. Luqman Arif says:

    So buy PES 2013 … If you wan’t fun, buy Fifa if you wan’t a real football game, buy PES

  19. dalesvideosful says:

    Alguém conseguiu observar vídeos os dois ao mesmo tempo?

  20. ruederman says:

    Lol, for me PES 2012 is better than PES 2013, PES 2013 In 2012 he deteriorated lol ..

  21. ruederman says:

    No man, PES is a holly shit, I have PES 2012 and I hate it! FIFA 13 is the best …

  22. Giorgos Pol says:

    I think PES 2013 is better than PES 2012

  23. Marcos Olivos Latorre says:

    Video de una mierda!

  24. alin coman says:

    pes is smarter than fifa, more tactics, 5 forms of players in each game differently, as in real life … and it’s 3D mode, it’s fucking AMAZING! fifa is also good, better in terms of skills, pes is better on tactics and maturity … both are good in different ways …

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