PES 2018 Gameplay – FRANCE VS BRAZIL (Professional Evolution Soccer 2018 Beta)

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20 Responses to PES 2018 Gameplay – FRANCE VS BRAZIL (Professional Evolution Soccer 2018 Beta)

  1. Nesty Ness says:

    PES works a Ultimate Team how – function???

  2. ding zhong says:

    I just don't like the power slider under the player, keep reminding me it is a GAME!!!any way to turn it off??

  3. Dorin Vlad says:

    PES is a boring game!!!!!….Fifa is the best!!

  4. zerosun says:

    Way better than the Fifa.

  5. RyanD says:

    This looks so much better then FIFA, what's the real difference between them pes doesn't have The license or something?

  6. Jorge Del Real says:

    I'm done with FIFA this year I'm purchase SPE

  7. Tiger Chu says:

    the keeper is better

  8. Jalal production says:

    Sorry GameRiot is really correct it is so bad game.

  9. Pranjeet kr Baruah says:

    You play as a begineer,,,improve your goes on!

  10. cicstommy says:

    Who's commentator?

  11. 14UnDeAd14 says:

    The gameplay was always better, but the commentator script is the same for years, it si so boring so dead.. also maybe they should make the game a liiiitle bit more pacy…

  12. Recon28501 says:

    Looks like the ball full of helium is.

  13. Blood Staz says:

    The big problem is the goalkeeper

  14. evi even says:

    Rip FIFA

  15. Guido Winter says:

    Change your controles to fifa, somewhere in options. And use triangle more in your build up and you will be good to go

  16. imnotsal2468 says:

    pes is cancer

  17. Darren Sweetman says:

    His will to see how fifa tbh

  18. J.D. Nguyen says:


  19. ProPaniosGaming says:

    Pes this year is very well

  20. Liverpool Number1Euro says:


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