PES 2018 – Targets & Abilities Compilation #6 HD 1080P

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17 Responses to PES 2018 – Targets & Abilities Compilation #6 HD 1080P

  1. David Nathanael says:

    What is the title of the song?

  2. N'da Amani Magloire says:

    On ne peut jamais marquer comme cela dans fifa18

  3. biirdman89 says:

    I really like PES and I really want to invest more tine into the game but the online is still terrible. I like every game and the animations are still kind of crappy (sliding, floating still happening) fix those two and PES will be the best football game on the market.

  4. pes says:

    adriano,del peiro, henry face pes 2018

  5. Roberto Alves Damacena says:

    ta massa

  6. korek hidung says:

    This game is so funny… defenders are so weak.. cursor change everytime make mistake.. the game become horrible like shit..why the japanese are so stupid

  7. Pablo Henrique Teixeira De Souza says:

    Por isso que disse que VC está imitando ele

  8. Pablo Henrique Teixeira De Souza says:

    ABS de imitar o Airton Silva

  9. Willian Andrade says:

    Last Song name pls

  10. Júnior Silva says: curtam e se inscrevam pfvr

  11. israel rael says:

    franca campeao copa Russia 2018

  12. Strong • says:

    0:40 Dybala no tenes capacidad de hacer un golo deste.


    Fuck fifa

  14. Gusto Games says:

    Nome da musica de fundo

  15. Lucas Santos says:

    Has anyone know the name of the last song?

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