PES 2018 – Prime 25 Objectives | PS4 |

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  1. marcelo06 says:

    Liebe die Brasilien 98 kit ach und Gerrard trug Raub tiere nicht Nike wenn Sie sind als sehr nitpicky

  2. Natanael Dotti says:

    Como que mete tanta curva que nem no ultimo gol ?

  3. hayat says:

    Galatasaray ne gol yemiş ama

  4. hayat says:

    Emre mor

  5. hayat says:

    Nuri Sahin

  6. Borcio PL says:

    3:32 How Roberto with PSG 😀

  7. Paul Pogba says:

    I thought pes don’t do original kits and logos and how are are you playing as united and Chelsea or is it because I are on ps4?

  8. DerBoss himself SeinVater says:
  9. Dario Almada says:

    pero como hace para tirar eso taconazos en el aire siempre que yo tiro centro, cabecean y para colmo muy despacio

  10. Κostasfetaeliesgaming says:


  11. David Peacock says:

    This game has iPhone graphics.

  12. Yusuf ATLI says:


  13. Ha Ha says:

    is the basic or advanced fire? tks

  14. Sashi Tmg says:

    knuckleball is the best amazing wowww

  15. Ballistic Octopus Gaming&More says:

    You simply not exciting goals in all

  16. Ariezo 123 says:

    Knuckleball tho last goal

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