Preview #2 of Australia’s New Official Video for 2018-2022 FIFA World Cup Bid – ComePlay!


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  1. trykeepinitreal says:

    Thanks for that lonewolf. I have researched a little on that issue since my last post here and I must say that it was most depressing.I have wondered how good the blacks in that country would be at football but I think that might not be possible now they are suppressed. I don’t know why but I have this feeling that something is not right,it is a pitty we will never know if they had the skill level to play football. I need to learn more about the world and its people, again thankyou.

  2. lonewolf202 says:

    Australians in generaly aren’t racist but there will always be thoose guys anywhere in the world, I believe that there are some generations today strugling with getting past the white Australian policy. (sorry typo in the other one)
    Anyway the aboriginals were and are still surpressed even if they have the exact same rights as anyone else here some people don’t care.
    (I do find it weird that they don’t have aboriginals in the FIFA vid)

  3. lonewolf202 says:

    Australia is as cool1868 said a multicultural country but most of their inhabitants up to the 1970’s came from the white European countries, thats why they have streets in areas with only German names or areas named after certain areas in Europe, however up to the 70’s they had a white citizen policy which meant that if you were to dark they could turn you away at the border, they also had the right to stop you on the street and give you a test (which was almostimpossible) cont

  4. trykeepinitreal says:

    Thanks for that information.That is very interesting as you would swear it was a white country.I know your saying that it is multicutural but in reality it is a black country,like the African countries,must be that the black inhabitants have deminished in numbers (what happened?).I was looking at the parliament and they are all white.I understand what your saying that it was colonised,like South Africa right,but where are the blacks?I must be dumb as im missing the full picture here.

  5. thatguyfromdownunder says:

    everything you want is right here in Australia, why go anywhere else?

  6. cool1868 says:

    It’s really a multicultural denomination. Though the native Australians (Aboriginals), are black. Whereas the people who colonised Australia are white. So it’s pretty much a balanced variety.

  7. trykeepinitreal says:

    Great video. Can anyone tell me if Australia is a black country or white country, eg; are the original people black or white? I never really thought about that before but I am interested in knowing this and more about Australia, looks a great place.

  8. hypohayley says:

    this video makes me never want to leave australia! why go anywhere else?

  9. viceafroking says:

    2nd whooo

  10. zacwarneford says:

    that is cool

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