Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 – Top Goals


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  1. OvidiuB Bogdan says:

    @ NIKKTHRASH that’s ur opinion

  2. ziqex says:

    Polak potrafi! Gratuluje

  3. NiKK Thrash says:

    @ Dabacan10 really? it is mine? I thought I was the truth: D

  4. AcidFluZ says:

    LOL I met a nearly 50 m: b

  5. dante moq says:

    FIFA 2012 = 2 years old, whatever u call Kiddies somehow cram games … PES 2012 = is for adults only!

  6. Kira asslack says:


  7. Lino Gallo says:

    wow is so much better than fifa pes …

  8. lionelmarvin10 says:

    Best Goals of Messi in No. 11

  9. Riccardo Mantegna says:

    was uno sfigato, che gol di cacca

  10. Zielony PRO says:

    Spoko Bramki tylko ¿e mogłeś zrobiæ od 11 a never od 1

  11. Demian Tomislav Nevjestić says:

    this kind of goals i score every day

  12. Amino2 says:

    @ Manny10032 LOL no

  13. podgekid says:

    go on nice goals 🙂

  14. dante moq says:

    FIFA dominated bcos of EA only … EA aims at a simple game dat & d most gemachtim basically a peadiatric could play. remember when u guys played Fifa Back when it fifa97, fifa98, fifa99 fifa2000 n? u könnteauf points every angle, even if the player overlooking rear and heikelstenPosition u could still score a strange n objectives awesome … am I rite? n wat tatEA learn from KONAMI all these years is what they achieved hv rite now …

  15. CodyCov says:

    pes = freedom

  16. MultigamerAC žadne says:

    As the trick in the last gole? pls

  17. filifionek1 says:

    No, no, Juz same intro fajnie zapowiedziało filmik. A brameczki Boskie 😉 NaOrliku tez YOU takie strzela: D Pozdro Kazik. 🙂 I sukcesów w filmikach: DZobaczcie held jego filmiki. Warto ;): D

  18. Jorge Gutierrez says:

    You play the game on stupid, play it on master!

  19. bothcancp says:

    @ Dantemoq Hahaha. Learn to spell? Coz yor relly adult who yu speek lykdis?

  20. Флорин М says:


  21. 123yens says:

    Garbage Music

  22. griffinswinsky says:

    @ Vaggelistyrrano7 Breaking the habit – Linkin Park

  23. makuwa94 says:

    “Fife wyczuwam, źle dziać się zdaje”

  24. Sai Ashwin says:

    pes 2012 and fifa 12 best sports games of all time!

  25. Stephan Tiroch says:

    Pes> Fifa: D

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