Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 vs. FIFA 12 – FC Barcelona FC Bayern + HD


25 Responses to “Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 vs. FIFA 12 – FC Barcelona FC Bayern + HD”

  1. normunds ozols-ozolins says:

    Konami focuses only on the damn textures not the game FIFA gameplay and fun is sooooo much better

  2. MrAssassin007007 says:

    PES is much better!

  3. 一 海那 says:


  4. SniperGirlPB says:

    Lol, PES has screwed up all of their faces basically in the middle (like their noses are small, the nose and the lips look as if they iff touch, etc.), but Fifa has horrible hair quality and no real texture :/

  5. Tayjib2000 says:

    Fifa IS horny (im from Germany my English is damn)

  6. emp96ElminD says:

    lol just wankers.

  7. xooperz FBF says:

    No. .. FIFA has actually both better … Idiot

  8. Angelo Santos says:

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  9. emp96ElminD says:

    here’s the thing Fifa dough gameplay, PES better graphics, which is the business.

  10. MyNba2kFr says:

    Check out my vids! Venez voir mes videos!

  11. xooperz FBF says:

    so you say that every player irl looks like a transsexual homosexual?

  12. emp96ElminD says:

    fifa pes is realistic is a caricature

  13. xooperz FBF says:

    no .. Not only

  14. Hrcy007 says:

    In every FIFA player looks like he puked only 100 times and ate 20kg of marijuana!

  15. radu430 says:

    fifa wants to look from the players, how they are going to move, but they are not to worry about the details

  16. Judith Chourio says:

    Manda el fifa 12

  17. pimpacinkurac says:

    Dude fifa graphics are much better o.O

  18. GamesRanking says:

    / Watch? V = xqRbcgefgfsFIFA 13 vs. PES 2013NEUE VERSION!

  19. fabian söhn says:

    PES 2012

  20. Kd Kd says:

    PES is a game very realistic, but bad in the implementation of skills

  21. Breyn96 says:

    OMG! Robben head looks at FIFA, as it would explode in the next moment.

  22. footballfreak4699 says:

    Also Fifa hat die better face features is also more accurate in 3D pes Looks Cool

  23. steban jara says:

    fifa es una mierda. grandeeeee pesss!

  24. Ramo Ronaldo says:

    12 PEs

  25. Benedikt Pfaller says:


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