PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2012 | Youtube AllStars Friendlies Live Stream # 2 [COMPLETED]


25 Responses to “PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2012 | Youtube AllStars Friendlies Live Stream # 2 [COMPLETED]”

  1. Himmat Rakhra says:

    Mario and Sonic at the Olympic GAMESSSSSSS

  2. Shawn Smith says:

    Your Welcome

  3. kb77111 says:

    Game looks good

  4. TheJuzi says:

    Hey Dazran, long time no see. Just to let you know that I will always be dieWii u hope to release to see you there 🙂

  5. TheNeil864 says:

    Yes CoD

  6. Shawn Smith says:

    oh snap dazran you read my comment: D

  7. dagdogg says:

    The American players, the All-Star YT-up was helped a good sport.

  8. F4LLEND4RK says:

    haha nice

  9. friend roblox says:


  10. xKarvalho says:


  11. FaithlessAngel85 says:

    Good timing, I got to go soon, great live stream fishing later (“,)

  12. Shawn Smith says:

    se-en to the socket

  13. pedro henrique trindade says:

    go go youtube vai vai youtube

  14. iCany0 says:

    SCHOOL! I h8 it.

  15. friend roblox says:

    is it live

  16. mixalis papayiannis says:

    heyy dazran 3O3, play online game on PES2012 on Wii?

  17. jimius46 says:

    as van broonhorst once

  18. Femke T. says:

    Wait, how can anyone hate Dazran? > O

  19. xKarvalho says:

    They have so many goals from corners because they all have big heads

  20. Femke T. says:

    I was just watching the vid, but I saw you were live. So I held the vid,. 3

  21. friend roblox says:

    wats your Wii number

  22. xKarvalho says:

    oh yeah haters

  23. dagdogg says:

    Play against Italy.

  24. friend roblox says:

    tell me

  25. JJB22301 says:

    Beautiful goals Daz mii the matchs Dazran303

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