PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2013 – E3 2012 Trailer


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  1. aams1980 says:

    lo mejor de soccer fifa 13 no it realmente un gran juego

  2. ahmed helmi says:

    The game’s online modes Mist

  3. MaickGameplay says:

    AI LOKO!

  4. GraduateGamers says:

    I begin to think, PES. whats good in PES has really coz FIFA13 too many bugs

  5. omerta19081 says:

    goalkeeppers unfortunately do not exist in this game.

  6. Emil Suleymanov says:


  7. LoverCod says:

    This has sucky graphics

  8. Jay Parab says:

    fuck fifa

  9. Hakeem Hatta says:

    12:22 This is completely wrong.

  10. Cviksson says:

    Look game -? Clock v = & feature = rf1OVMUrb_4 PLCP

  11. gamez101 says:

    FIFA 13 on the PS VITA sold a ton more than PES 2013 is the 360th LMFAO.

  12. nickthegreek409 says:

    can someone explain why this new Pro Evolution Soccer leagues no? spanish italian …?

  13. Cviksson says:

    Look game -? Clock v = & feature = rf1OVMUrb_4 PLCP

  14. Pes PEss says:

    Nouveau site fraîchement sortie pour organizer of tournois sur toute les formes très plate serieux j’attend un max de personnes pour un maximum de Tournois:

  15. drejtim111 says:

    Pro Evolution Soccer 2013, fifa 13

  16. TheNoplease1 says:

    see? v = & feature = o8k9hi75dHw PLCP

  17. tomreyno says:

    Until FIFA 2007 I bought PES. EA fixed to FIFA, it was shit. And then? FIFA is better at some distance ….. but I love the Champions League n BAL – I’ll buy it just for those. The lack of licenses is not a problem, because the people make the kits, etc. in forums. Some even entire leagues such as the Premier League and the Championship. Gameplay this year PES is also good. I prefer FIFA tho, its just too good …

  18. tomreyno says:

    Why are you watching the trailer? Delay

  19. n0c2urnal says:

    fifa 2013 in just one ad while waiting for the Pro Evolution Soccer Trailer .. lol I have no idea what to get now …..

  20. drejtim111 says:

    Online is not good per ivo gutFIFA Online

  21. Michael Orden says:

    psnlivecodesdotnet already selling the PSN cards for this game

  22. llManchesterUnitedll says:

    Please make sure that your network settings are correctly configured is the message I get every time I try to play something in the online mode. Any idea what I can do?

  23. MrAddie97 says:

    Pes is shit FIFA FTW

  24. MrWillz02 says:

    Gangnam style

  25. proogarmyubfpl says:

    Full game download you remove your seats Youtube. com / watch? v = qBxKLkbT7PY

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