Professional Evolution Soccer 2018 Official Teaser Trailer


16 Responses to “Professional Evolution Soccer 2018 Official Teaser Trailer”

  1. MASROOR AHMED says:

    Online or ofline

  2. Johana Virginia Jimenez Chirinos says:

    =50 Download Pes 2018

  3. Dommi Davros says:

    Fucking annoying trailor! Either show us proper gameplay or don't but don't give us this split second bullshit followed by black! What heap of shit that clip was!

  4. WeehaZ says:

    u see what u did it konami 😎

  5. PYT says:

    Can wait't !

  6. TuffStuff says:

    Your not pes 2018 his pes 2017

  7. Mvrcielagvs says:

    To 360 ps3 not dead

  8. Xarabas81 says:

    Focus on the gameplay and to master League not to Barcelona.

  9. Hellboy Ralte says:

    Champion League Final Barcelona.. hahahaha the irony! Like Barcelona are to Madrid, PES is always behind FIFA

  10. Moe Ramen says:

    The fox engine from this huh

  11. Woody says:

    always same commentary gets kinda boring after 10 games or so you have to mute the game, and it doesn't have license for most of the teams

  12. Brian G says:

    PES is the best but Barcelona is the fuck worst.

  13. Calvers06 says:

    Eh Switch?!

  14. EST84x says:

    Remember you be in Barcelona were relevant?

  15. Cenker Canbulut says:

    Konami please in this version fix your laggy gameplay in online multiplayer games! Otherwise no way i am buying this game again…

  16. Tomas Rasser says:

    How can we end this terrible company Konami?

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