Professional Evolution Soccer 2018 Assessment – The Closing Verdict

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20 Responses to Professional Evolution Soccer 2018 Assessment – The Closing Verdict

  1. Rilwan Adefuye says:

    PES is better than the FIFA. But the not say a lot.

  2. fumbles 12 says:

    The goalkeeping being terrible is a big problem.. Loved the last one but I love the new fifa and I don't know it might just be dis video but the graphics look of.. Doesn't even look as good as the last one

  3. The Savich says:

    I feel this pace in the gameplay should be in fifa 19. I also feel this feels faster than 17 but in a good way. I guess they made strides with fluidity.

  4. Johnny Gartland says:

    They should have the option to speed up or slow down the gameplay just like FIFA does because FIFA is always way too fast and therefore its not realistic

  5. DAX Miner says:

    Now all that PES needs is pretty grass and stadium lighting to surpass FIFA, cause the licenses can be put in with option files and I can even get my national selection with it’s original uniform.

  6. Mark says:

    In the reason fifa

  7. ThePerfectLifeTv says:

    Fuck I had to . P E S… it's PES!

  8. ibarix says:

    Atmosphere WAS a thing last time in PES 3!!! That version was tense, crowd yelling, commentator going crazy when a goal is scored, players actually celebrating when they score. Now it's all bland, no passion. Players don't run aggressively to the corner to celebrate the goal with the fans – they just jog no matter if they scored while being 5 goals ahead or 1-0 in the 90 th minute of the world cup final. It's all the same. Even the soundtrack in PES 3 was some tense trance style. Nowadays you can hear some village music with banjos. We need a beat, something energetic – emotion if you will. What am I talking about? Just remember that SNES Super Star Soccer commentator going nuts. Goal! Goal! Gooooooooaaaalll!!

  9. PunchFor Pound says:

    So is the gameplay better in PES 2018, or 2017? I want to know what game to get to get the best football gameplay available. Is that PES 2018, an older version of PES, Fifa 2018, or an older version of Fifa?

  10. Benji Price says:

    Piggy S 2018

  11. MD M8 says:

    provides slowly and more scripted

  12. Viyank gnr says:

    Don't agree to gk being awful in pes imo they are brilliant, otherwise i agree with all of the points, nice video, and I would like add one more thing that Pes needs to improve wiz online servers doesn't work on PC

  13. bf gaming says:

    to 5-6 years of playing only fifa resolved switches pes this year so far I m love it

  14. INZIQUE says:

    can someone tell how to a enable two player kick off…I mean is it – button combo

  15. fatalis arx says:

    the 2018 title is really the Pro Evolution Soccer. FIFA is just copy paste from 2014.

  16. M.F. Luder says:

    Stop saying p e s say pes as normal people to do

  17. Elijah Kirkland says:

    Work pes manual controls and is it only power plant team to

  18. 1touchplay says:

    Do all Americans call it p. e. s.? It just sounds so wicked we've always be said pes or pro evo

  19. All Leeds Ain't We says:

    Sorry the gameplay may be better but what's the point in having good gameplay if all the modes are shit. The only reason to get fifa is for the career mode. simple

  20. reggie gimmix says:

    I think maybe its an American thing. The americans have MLS, NBA, NFL, MLB, and they're all pronounced via their initials…so I'll forgive our american cousin for that little faux pas.

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