Q & A: Which versions of these games should I get? Which versions are superior?

Which versions of these games will take me? Which versions are superior? I plan to get rid of my 360 per for a PS3 (and get rid of my 360 games). ...

Which versions of these games will take me? Which versions are superior?
I plan to get rid of my 360 per for a PS3 (and get rid of my 360 games). But I do have plans to buy a new maybe Christmas or birthday. I wonder which versions of those games I do if I do both. I’ll put a list … but I want to let everyone know that these future games are not only Holiday Season Games, but in 2011/2012 Games. Btw I do not play PC. Which version is the superior version (oh, and no PS3 vs Xbox 360 pros / cons here) Call of Duty: Black OpsAssassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Final Fantasy XIIICrysis 2Portal 2The Sims 3Dragon Age 2de Blob: The Underground Metal Gear Solid: RisingBioshock InfiniteMortal Kombat ( 2011) Best Answer (s):

response from Preston Whiskey
Wait a minute. They want to know whether to buy the 360 ​​or PS3 version of the upcoming games. But you do not want Xbox vs PS3. Pros / cons, which is exactly what you are asking Okay. Without relying on a ton of comparative evidence for existing games. Go with the Xbox version, and use your PS3 for Sony exclusive games and Blu-ray movies.

response from FailScout
Generally each game from Steam and Valve are crazy addictive, or oddly erfüllend.Portal 2 and Bioshock sound like the best, but not Metal Gear either skip. FailScout ~

response from Brandon
I suggest it to. on PS3 Because you always have a PS3 right? I like the COD and Assassins Creed. If you’re planning to get a PS3. Here is some information to learn more about the console kennen.Hier is a very good comment from an actual player PS3. Features and Design • Great value for your buck • Reliable hardware • New eject and power buttons • It comes with a variety of different hard drive sizes (120GB, 160GB, 320GB) • Blu-ray player. • Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. • Two USB ports for accessories. • 1080p HDMI output. • Supports Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio for output to compatible receivers • It uses at least 10 percent less electricity at peak consumption • Free Online Play -.. pay no reason to bonus for online play best price you’ll remember for the PS3 (you check out the Move Bundle also find): http://www.amazon.com/PlayStation-3-160-GB/dp/B003VUO6H4/ref=cm_cr_pr_pb_t&tag=bilo-20Top 5 MUST have games now in PS3 • NBA 2k11 • Fifa Soccer 11 • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow • Heavy Rain • Dead Rising 2Neueste bestselling game list of PS3 (check from time to time, it updates get) PlayStation 3 is designed not just a game console, but also, a digital entertainment device or his home-entertainment computer. It features in its special CPU called the Cell Processor, which can be updated for different performance needs! There incoporates wonderful memory functions, you play games and watch movies at the same time allow. With PS3, you can enjoy a luxurious visual-dinner for its support of high-definition. Another advantage is that no need to can zahlen.Was to play “double charging” for online games and download videos do the PS3? Can your hard drive and Import games from other countries upgrade.

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