QATAR 2022 Subsequent World Cup | All Stadiums | 7 Host Venues


15 Responses to “QATAR 2022 Subsequent World Cup | All Stadiums | 7 Host Venues”

  1. Molon B says:

    Good Qatar

  2. Emperor Vulpecula says:

    we all kno the finals is gonna b held at that one stadium with the most capacity which is 80k meanwhile the other one hostin semi finals with 68k capacity

  3. thetekkerzgamer says:

    So we're not gonna to discuss slaves literally built this

  4. Nico Cione says:

    What's the name of the music? #IRVING REYES

  5. Luka says:

    These stages looks really cool wow

  6. ShadowsHeat says:

    Do they even play this sport in that country? It seems like every stadium is just being made for this event.

  7. Joshua Xue says:

    The Qatar stages see so cool

  8. Azeez Mudoor says:

    Wrong information. 8 stadiums.
    Al wakra stadium
    Al thumama stadium
    Ras bu abboud stadium
    Khalifa stadium
    Al rayyan stadium
    Education city stadium
    Al khor stadium
    Lusail stadium..

  9. _ Sp7ros _ says:

    Khalifa stadium looks like a pussy­čśĆ interesting

  10. Achraf lallaoui says:


  11. Owen Hilliard says:

    5:15 LOL
    They named a stadium after Mia Kalefa

  12. Owen Hilliard says:

    In 10 years these all to be abandoned

  13. Nico Cione says:

    What's the song?

  14. wolftone6 says:

    Slavery pays. What a terrible decession to have the WC in a country that has horrific conditions for workers. Shame on FIFA

  15. Javier Aceves says:

    A lot of these stadiums look like they put a lot of work on the exterior but the stands looks plain. I know that sounds weird but as a architecture enthusiast I like it when the stands look as creative as the exterior of the stadiums

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