Qatar 2022 world cup stadiums


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  1. come2sport says:

    Persian Gulf <3

  2. rudiratte1 says:

    although your comment is pretty funny he is actually right. the slums and palaces are literally yards apart

  3. MrSergio5490 says:

    this shit looks so legit can’t wait to fucking go there

  4. cokebaronacn says:

    No offense, but what crawled up your ass and died this morning?

  5. blackheathdawg says:

    at 4:46 why does the screen say “Shirtless Obama”? But anyway amazing stadium plans. I was one of the first doubters but looking at this I’m glad they got it. Sensational stadium plans!

  6. Sniper6089 says:


  7. PartialViewmusic says:

    I wonder what they will do with the stadiums after the tournament…

  8. leoo3600 says:


  9. fusionmusicaltv says:

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  10. bbrmar10 says:

    Are you fucking stupid? Most of these people make more money from the time you posted your comment, to now, than you will make in your lifetime. Now go check that fryer before your manager finds out you’re on youtube again!

  11. abdul saleem says:

    verry good

  12. 1eyesnipe says:

    stadium at 1:30 looks like a pussy

  13. jiiAlii says:

    iraqi oil money ;)

  14. coldhazard says:

    Swimming at the football world cup?
    Since when? 😛

  15. zksskdhxh says:

    Oil money

  16. TotallyRediculous says:

    Wow, highly impressive plans, beautiful building designs, I like all the translucence to naturally light these arenas. My only question is: will women be allowed to compete in sporting events in these places? Would they be allowed to wear swimming suits or shorts to compete in swimming or athletic events? I don’t imagine that women will want to wear burkas while swimming or playing soccer.

  17. mikahspecial says:

    They should start building these stadiums soon because it might be the World Cup 2022 soon. If this works out before 2020, I will go to Qatar in 2022. For Now, I Hope that Qatar does has that money to make the stadiums. Good Luck!

  18. TheDevitas says:

    Aslong as the moneys going towards something that can’t be used as a weapon i think thats a plus.

  19. leoo3600 says:

    I got it! MUCH OF AFRICA THE POOR! and those fees that you say you achieved at the expense of the subjugation of developing countries … the oil is going to end and this monetary system as well.

  20. harvy1988 says:

    Why not actually talk about the stadiums which is what the video is about rather than moaning and disrespecting each other? :s ….Last stadium is crazy!!

  21. alanmalla says:

    With an unempoyment rate of 0.6% and Standard of living comparable to North america and Western europe..i doubt people are starving.

  22. STIK71rus says:

    Нахер вам этот ЧМ сдался? Уверен, что в Катаре пох на футбол. России он реально нужен, потому что вся страна им живёт, а вам он зачем?

  23. yobrotherofut says:

    Your faith forces your women to wear a potato sack while the men are basically free to wear whatever they want. If men can get aroused by seeing the female thus committing sin, do women not get aroused by seeing a good looking bloke? Why does your men not cover then? Also, please stop giving women 1/3 of the wealth while the men gets 2/3.

  24. leoo3600 says:

    What irony that a few miles farther people are starving!

  25. leoo3600 says:

    Que ironia que unos kilómetros mas lejos la gente se muere de hambre!!

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