Qatar World Cup 2022 – Official Trailer [HD]


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  1. Durb says:

    This is football. Your all of love and respect. We are .

  2. Sumaiya Akter says:

    ha ha not start 2014 2018 2w

  3. Zac Rios says:

    Come on USA lets get back to the world cup!! Sadly it'll be in this small country in the winter time but still lets do it!!

  4. Hanefi Cengiz says:

    Qatar succes with the World cup Inshallah Turkey is gonna qualif!
    From brother country Turkey <3

  5. Eric Smith says:

    I have known you have some amazing commercials … This is AMAZING to the MAX !!!!

  6. Chris Feik says:

    Congratulations for your national holiday on 18th December Qatar from your friends in Germany <3
    This Day you celebrate your National-Day. Qatar is a beautiful country with amazing landscapes, nice cities, charming people and so much culture.
    You are the strongst country of arabian island and our closest partner
    Wish you only the best for the future <3

  7. Rashid Shibu says:

    FIFA whatsapp group link unduoo

  8. beneficial learning says: this is better than football

  9. Brasileiro BR says:

    Asco EN mundial va ser este

  10. Bay Ran KG says:

    tui da mong den ngay nay lam roi mong la vietnam se lan dau tham du worid cup 2022 nay neu nhu len 48 doi

  11. The Race is the Race says:

    Italy 2022 ??? What the song ????

  12. nelson RoMeRo says:

    Vamos Argentina

  13. Mostafa Elmanadily says:

    Those, the not as Qatar just not come to the world cup. SIMPLE SOLUTION

  14. Nazmul hasan says:


  15. Shazia Jabin says:

    I am in Qatar

  16. FootballAPK says:

    Ok so people already died form building the stadium and now we are going to watch players play at winter. GOOD JOB

  17. STALKER says:

    Quelle honte ! Tant d'argent gaspillé tout ça pour du foot alors qu'il y a tant de misère dans notre monde !!! Je suis dégouté ! Nous vivons dans un monde de fous !!! 😥

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