Road To Euro 2012 Ep2 – Russia


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  1. matman972 says:

    Hi there,

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  2. Влад Михайлов says:

    Bystrov can be reffered as Fastrow,translating from russian ;D

  3. Smiler445 says:

    It’s because of Izmailov.

  4. Dan CUPAC says:

    Swap Centre backs more Chemistry

  5. ProfessorSerperior says:

    Semshov has a canon of a long shot

  6. rilerr says:

    Izmailov = Itsmylove, Maybe its a hidden message from his father LoL

  7. PokemasterLiamo says:

    piss off

  8. splintercell320 says:

    KSI did mention him in a episode of Race to division 1.

  9. lalas345 says:

    oh fuck off

  10. MindDan says:

    Also Bystro in Russian means FAST!!

  11. plpredictions says:

    Please check out my predictions for the group stages of Euro 2012 on my channel. What do you think? Thanks!

  12. TheHakery says:



  13. WarriorDude1xyz says:

    This “Racism” problem coincidentally only exists in White childrens’ homes, White childrens’ schools, and White childrens’ churches.

    Only White children are being effected by this, only White countries are doing it, only our “leaders” are supporting this.

    It IS genocide. Anti-racist is a code word for those who are anti-White.

  14. WMUWSE94 says:

    I have a Russian League side and I love it to bits. Anyukov IF is an amazing right back, high pace and engine trait so he just keeps on running. Disappointed you didn’t have Denisov in the starting line up though, only costs 500 at most and is a great all rounder, also with Engine trait.

  15. Owen Barnett says:

    What is the navy/orange kit you use in this video?

  16. ak47popper says:

    haha akinfeev one of the best in the game? it’s obvious you haven’t used him too much he is absolute trash

  17. FifaTemme says:

    I have a 10k version of this team on my channel please check it out 😀

  18. brithish8 says:

    your funny

  19. TheMasterofdonuts says:

    I haven’t had too much experience with Welliton or Kerzhakov, but Doumbia has been incredible on my team(s). Top goal scorer by far. The again, I used to roll a 4-3-2-1.

  20. andrewjkk says:

    what about gameplay?

  21. IIMungemII says:

    Kerzhakov is better than Doumbia and Welliton imo.

  22. plpredictions says:

    Please check out my predictions for the group stages of Euro 2012 on my channel. What do you think? Thanks!

  23. TheMasterofdonuts says:

    If only this were a russian league team, Doumbia. Eto’o or Welliton could’ve been your striker.

  24. monboy98 says:



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