Road to World Cup 2014 binder and pack openings


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  1. alfieatkins10 says:

    Nani in packs you only get basic maps

  2. MCFCExtremeGamer says:

    The views of this are crazy thanks so much guys: D

  3. kieranshipudenfan16 says:

    75p in England

  4. Rio Spencer says:

    we can act

  5. Rio Spencer says:

    we can act

  6. S7EVIEB says:

    75 p

  7. kieranshipudenfan16 says:

    How much are packages? 🙂

  8. MCFCExtremeGamer says:

    Ye what can we act

  9. harryjb123456 says:

    Can we act

  10. MCFCExtremeGamer says:

    Thank you guys to like 100 views and remember to subscribe: D

  11. MCFCExtremeGamer says:


  12. lewisfrance2002 says:

    Can you subscribe to me

  13. MCFCExtremeGamer says:

    Send what?

  14. SuperStickerCards says:

    Can you get a me?

  15. MCFCExtremeGamer says:

    Thanks for all the views guys: D subscribe and like this vid have a competitive

  16. MCFCExtremeGamer says:

    Ok do u live in England

  17. Turi Éva says:

    Hello, I would be interested, and to exchange tickets for the 2014 World Cup. It’s free!

  18. MCFCExtremeGamer says:

    Do u like?

  19. MCFCExtremeGamer says:

    Balotelli best striker last season u’m having a laugh

  20. Allthingsfootball1 says:

    Chelsea want falcoa City and Balotelli was the best striker last season by far

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