Sergio Ramos vs Cristiano Ronaldo Euro 2012


25 Responses to “Sergio Ramos vs Cristiano Ronaldo Euro 2012”

  1. Whatzupw0rld says:

    I’m a fan, but Ronaldo really? At least not fuck Ramos ram to get into some guy too bad call.

  2. langjonas16 says:

    Ramos shoots a free-kick better than ronaldo haha

  3. TheDiosdelfutbol says:

    1:44 Me da mucha Risa amague ese de sergio ramos JAJAJAEs un tronco

  4. SillySwinging says:

    A 12-year-old child hit the ball better than CR7 lol

  5. rkcr1024 says:

    The game was decided on penalties?

  6. rkcr1024 says:

    Many Fouls many dives

  7. orliu07 says:

    Me gusta la musica y su inspiracion

  8. TJ Ramirez says:

    This vid shows me how much ronaldo tripping a lot and like to blame others for his clumsy feet.

  9. Nauris Vilnis says:

    look like ronaldo from Spain is bulled

  10. Redo Arceneaux says:

    Sergio Ramos the best defender in the world

  11. kevinumpierrez111 says:

    Sergio Ramos central un perfecto y en la Actualidad pocos centrales le pueden hacer frente, it defiende que tiene muy bien pero muy bueno por un ataque y tiene una gran game aéreo además Tecnica para sacar el Balon since atras

  12. rekezon9 says:

    1: 42 WTF?

  13. krisb33333 says:

    he just did …

  14. 1698vanne says:

    00:50 sergio y Arbeloa vs. cristianoes raro raffle jugar en contra lol

  15. hala iyass says:

    come on! u cant compare! you are defending and the other makes the gates both are amazing

  16. ronaldomessi1071947 says:


  17. ronaldomessi1071947 says:

    What song is this name?

  18. jjespino13 says:

    Gay ass song

  19. TheDrLiendre says:

    Estupido video donde los haya .. y de la cancion ni hablamos

  20. sergiohco11 says:

    Worst song of all time

  21. Edward Stark says:


  22. Krikket RMAD says:

    Shake ur booty on football video? Srsly …

  23. Romina Vona says:

    Ronaldo is stronger, but Ramos is beautiful!

  24. Luka Pticar says:

    Lol … Ronaldo is the whole of Spain in international friendly. Unfortunately stupid Nani has canceled his goal but he had all the def and made to look like fools Casillas xd

  25. Roguearagorn says:

    Ronaldo never won a major tournament, Ramos won 3 But Ronaldo won a CL. So I say Ramos wins. But Ronaldo scored more goals, that’s normal when you’re a striker and a defender Ramos.

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