Soccer goal longest shot ever!


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  1. jantobaiscool says:

    Wink wink to all my Europeans out there

  2. jantobaiscool says:

    Im American and I hate football but I love “football”

  3. sanantonioskating says:

    how do these professional golies kick so damn far!?

  4. ruudeboyboy says:


  5. MGPLegendzz says:

    lol i could do that

  6. iMizooooo says:

    How dumb can the goaly get :l

  7. HCihaiJB says:

    lol look how mad the kids got at me

  8. FLUROBONZY11 says:


  9. GenClanCB says:

    @teritus911 the actual reason why americans call their sport football, is because the ball is one foot long. I’m not American i just heard it somewhere.

  10. GenClanCB says:

    @teritus121 I’m not American, but the Americans call their sport football because is
    One foot long in measurement.

  11. MrFancyMe says:


  12. MegaFlaxseed says:

    ha, lol he said “regliam” that means feet in hebrew. I FINNALY UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY”RE SAYING!!!!!!

  13. clubamerica98 says:

    i hatee it wen this happens…i kno’ how he feels…

  14. 323tiim says:

    Yea, good name too haha

  15. adrian031492 says:

    Or handegg, since the ball is shaped like an egg, and you carry it in your hand

  16. 323tiim says:

    How can americans call their sport Football? Its more like handball.

    Or you could call it “run into eathother ball”

  17. Teritus911 says:

    … only option. Seriously, he didn’t do it perfectly there, but he sHouldn’t be getting as much blame as he is!

  18. Teritus911 says:

    OMG. I can’t take it anymore with EVERYONE hating on this goalkeeper.

    First of all, he didn’t know how high or when the ball would bounce; it’s not his fault it went over him. Secondly, everyone’s saying he shouldn’t have dragged the ball into the net. Let’s say he just stopped there and let the ball be just in front of the line. There was an attacker right there and he would have just scored. And if he didn’t slide to get it, he wouldn’t have been fast enough to reach the ball, so it was…

  19. ThaddTM says:


  20. Domchesseman33 says:


  21. SonicMobb says:

    Check my page!
    NEW World Record Longest Headed Goal just made!

  22. ChasperGamingz says:

    american football is stupid , just sayin

  23. whitepanda12 says:

    goodness gracious, in the u.s. we call it SOCCER okay? we’re aware everywhere else its called futbol, but we’re not gonna change what we call it because we already have our american football!

  24. Energytrashcan says:

    That goal keeper is lame he slide in his own net ur suppose to kick it out not slide around and then at the end u knock it out what a noob

  25. khris89 says:

    in australia its called soccer because football = rugby league/union

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