The Footy Show – Euro 2012 Quarter-Final: Spain vs. France, Xabi Alonso


14 Responses to “The Footy Show – Euro 2012 Quarter-Final: Spain vs. France, Xabi Alonso”

  1. Mclovinsfriend2 says:

    spain know when to step up.

  2. adrianzeta7 says:


  3. ElaborateTiger says:

    Ribery was the one that did everything Benzema was part of the “other 10”.

  4. NirvanMan07 says:

    France could have won the euro because the team blanc had is not as string ad I Tought it was gonna be… where’s gourcuff, abidal, lass diarra, gignac,… Why didn’t menez and nasri started?? It’s so stupid… France had a killer team, those youngsters in the back were ridiculous

  5. MrDelaterre says:

    Disappointing….I wish FFF would have made the hard, but right, decision to can the players that went on “strike” last WC. Keeping the bad apples from the WC disaster did not send the needed message. The 87′ generation attitudes need to be harshly dealt with. I grant exception to Benzema, Cabaye….I don’t want to see Nasri, Diara, Ben Arfa again. FFF needs to say “If you behave like this, we have no place for you. How much do you want to play for France?”…simple.

  6. cella2908 says:

    i dont think they know what theyre talking about.. tika taka is class

  7. Redwingsfan210 says:

    I bet you had a bad experience at Oktoberfest Sharman, that’s why you diss Die MannSchaft so much. They’re a worthy adversary of Spain. Spanish are worried about Germans & vice versa, 2 top teams!

  8. jayjayluiz says:

    All France had on the field were playmakers/attackers. M’Villa the only ball winner. Why play Malouda? As a big Chelsea fan the man is useless now. He offers nothing other than shooting from 30 yards out all the time. They would’ve had a better chance with any of the diarra’s or, dare I say, Diaby(don’t know if he was on the team). Nevertheless, good win for Spain, I hope Portugal can play a lot better than France did today so we can have a REAL match.

  9. aNewDimenssion says:

    I was waiting for a good match between two great teams, but all I found was a good Spain and a very poor France. What a disappointing match… I mean, wath wrong with France? what the hell they were thinking?. The match was bored because of France, because Spain didn’t need to do a great match to win it…

  10. aNewDimenssion says:

    France is not only about Benzema, there are 10 players more that must help him.

  11. aNewDimenssion says:

    France SUCKS!! what a disappointing match. That’s why Benzema couldn’t not score, because this team is a fucklng shlt.

  12. aNewDimenssion says:

    Barcelona fans don’t respect when a Real Madrid player was the Top of the Match…

  13. james long says:

    Against spain you need ball winners! Once blanc subbed giroud for m.vila you know they were screwed(how are the strikers getting the ball when you are getting totally dominated in the midfield). The only team i see beating Spain is Italy and there best chance was in the group stage.. looks like Spain will win euro yet again.

  14. otoxiepehtssob says:

    Hope Portugal beats Spain… the spanish game is the most boring game ever!! reminds me of that episode from the simpsons “Half back passes to the center, back to the wing, back to the center. Center holds it. Holds it. Holds it… Again to the center…”

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