The Footy Show – Euro 2012 Semi-Finals Preview: Portugal vs. Spain & Germany vs. Italy


19 Responses to “The Footy Show – Euro 2012 Semi-Finals Preview: Portugal vs. Spain & Germany vs. Italy”

  1. caustic777444 says:

    portugal-italy final. and you are an analyst? fucking drivel. two failures.

  2. james long says:

    well if there was he would be spot on! :) haha told ya 😛

  3. james long says:

    hahahaha! FORZA AZZURRI! They should have a third place game for poor portugal and germany.. u mad bros? lol  group c ftw!

  4. SLAINE74 says:


  5. SLAINE74 says:

    right on the spot!!!

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  7. TheAnibas1983 says:

    AND  Germany WIN!

  8. TheAnibas1983 says:

    in the final of Germany will play against Spain!)))

  9. alaa13666 says:

    glory germany

  10. Carvalc001 says:

    who the hell cares lol. and thats shit means nothing.

  11. Redwingsfan210 says:

    When the Germans win it all I think Sharman should have to eat a large pile of Bratwurst & the Score should record and play it on tv He has not given them credit while Spain were a Croatian goal away FROM NOT EVEN MAKING IT TO QUARTERS!!!!

  12. Redwingsfan210 says:

    Germans – Spanish – Portuguese – Italians=Portuguese more likely to upset common sense people

  13. Carvalc001 says:

    really? im surprised they think portugal has a better chance. I hope u guys are right. but i think italy has a better chance.

  14. Carvalc001 says:

    i hope portugal don’t sit back. I hope they go out and fight like when portugal beat spain 4-0. and I think italy can beat germany. they have looked really good.

  15. hakkaiden says:

    yea, tell me again when that game takes place? oh yea, it doesn’t. 😛

  16. jacob Btown says:

    im just hoping for two football games

  17. james long says:

    kj was right.. Portugal and Germany will be playing on the weekend.. for third place.. lol

  18. mustsilm says:

    Chiellini is fit and back in training, the question is Abate, if he doesnt recover Italy will have to play 3-5-2 with 3 central defenders.

  19. mustsilm says:

    Are you sponsored by Honda? 😉

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