The Vidello Report – Spain v Italy 2012 (4-0)

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    In a kingdom that I will Country Spa **, a murderer king of the elephants, call ordered his kingdom spies rape my mother with a sharp object. I exile in a village, and I was subject to boycott in study and work and poisoned with mercury and benzene, without health care. This is how the country … about Spain, not to say I do not know what to think … I better mouth. Threats media montage, prison, psychiatry, etc..

  2. taylormade060600 says:

    ur just a sore loser-_-


    Spain has Glück.Prince Filipe of Asturias was with them during the Spiels.herzliche Greetings from osaka 2X

  4. EpicGamingSongs says:

    I thought they played well as a team

  5. sandra kora says:

    Potugal is ronaldo


    Italy’s last game was a Big Shit …. CASILLAS best player ….

  7. chakib007 says:

    I do not know who is talking this stupid people .. but .. if he things it’s fun to write things like this it is not. Misleading trying to get hits from people searching in the videos .. What an idiot …

  8. Adam Man says:

    Congratulations to Spain for their victory in the Euro 2012 endgültig.Nun we want to see how they do in basketball this summer during the Olympic Games in London when a chance to play against the United States

  9. EpicGamingSongs says:

    Portugal vs. Spain was the real finals.

  10. digitalproshooter says:

    Heard it first on

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