25 Responses to “TOP 10 GOALS EURO 2012 ALEXANDER VERESHA [HD]”

  1. Mohanad Mohamed says:

    Ibrahimovic <3

  2. 434Highlights says:

    Where’s Balotelli goal against Germany?

  3. Rakan Shaban says:

    balo …..

  4. ANGRYBEANZ1 says:

    Balotelli goal against Germany was better than welbacks and it did not einmaldie list

  5. Traviz Eden says:

    Ronaldo should not be here. Gj Video Dude

  6. Turo700 says:

    hey balotelli at # 10 is better than Nasri a 9

  7. Le jeune Benbou says:

    Balotelli should aim to be in the top 5 ….

  8. Alex Bono says:

    Balotelli goal against Ireland # 10 Are you kidding me?

  9. Alex Bono says:

    I see Nasri goal, after Balotelli is not mad. And do not even ichbin an Italy fan. I’m a fan Nederland

  10. LegendSergio says:

    lol I was expecting to see balotelli goal against Germany

  11. Jack Anton says:

    cristiano should be replaced by roman pavylenchenko

  12. arsenal10234 says:

    where da fuck is balo vs Germany?

  13. tehrubikz says:

    Walcott against Sweden?

  14. UhostonMT2 says:


  15. Charlie Boulton says:

    Only Zlatan can steal the show, as the

  16. Maxime Lerider says:

    Blood Stain Child – Freedom

  17. Domagoj Šavor says:

    he is Russian and he laid goal from Cuba, he can not be as haters, even ichSilva would not set a goal except Nasri

  18. arsenalcrazed says:

    Still acceleration of Sway.

  19. shizer97 says:

    look / watch? v = 4r_bNfdHvTE

  20. Золотый Лазурит says:


  21. Oussama Alaoui says:

    Maybe Veresha forget to add Ronaldo goal.

  22. Bramblefoot says:

    * Football. This is Europe we are talking about here.

  23. TakeItAllTV says:

    Please, this is not real football, Fifa. So fuck off

  24. xczashardcoru says:

    Jakub the best

  25. dragonzzz0rFTW says:


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