UEFA Champions League: PES 2012 Predicts Result Real Madrid vs. CSKA Moscow


24 Responses to “UEFA Champions League: PES 2012 Predicts Result Real Madrid vs. CSKA Moscow”

  1. uuuluu says:

    na filmie pisze 14 march/2012 a w opisie 13 marca 2012.(0_o)

  2. ashely white says:

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  3. NiueTourist says:

    ЦСКА - Спартак M 5-1
    CSKA – Spartak Moscow 5-1, not Real Madrid – CSKA)

  4. texas0075 says:

    as my elementary coach use to say.. “dont chase the ball chase”

  5. PESreplayplaybacksBG says:

    OMG its time for the debut pes 13 trailer Lets beat that Fifa thing 

  6. bojidarteodora says:


  7. bojidarteodora says:



  8. Swen2959 says:


  9. afasdas1 says:

    fifa 12 ist better than pes 12.but i love pes

  10. 63Hertzi says:

    your mom

  11. egoista101 says:

    lol glory hunter

  12. chadvader93 says:

    sorry but the way the goals are scored is ridicolous

  13. MrDosa says:

    I love how you criticised all of RM goals and the only goal CSKA scored was good. Haha

  14. 0rashed0 says:

    Lol this game makes me think every player is doing the Peter crouch robot dance because they move like robots

  15. jfsl98 says:

    PES 11 looked like that but PES 12 looks more natural.

  16. marthastar94 says:

    why is fifa 12 so horrible ! especially d manager mode still d same ! think I’ll buy PES 12

  17. PESskillerHD says:

    I am the PES king of skills

  18. shelx6 says:

    i am so confused !!I play PES for the Graphic and FIFA for the Gameplay!! Konami and EA should do one game!!

  19. 2PacsFatherFOOTBALL says:

    CRT = Realistic
    LCD & LED = Real Sh*t

  20. koyanbradinov says:

    PES is so stupid game ,i play it because i my computer is to week for FIFA .the shooting system the trick system and the tackle system are a bunch of SHIT .pes is no realistic just dumm ,every player dribble like ronaldo and messi the defense system is CRAPPP and the shooting system is the same every time THE SKILLS are fucking stupid and not efective

  21. loskrios says:

    Pes is so damm ugly god damm players look so dam robotic and shit iono how ppl like this shitty game :s

  22. MsTheLIP says:

    who wants to play me??

  23. billysusantobs says:

    PES movement very rigid , very robotic. Sorry my English

  24. yinhar12 says:

    first time PES predict almost right :’)

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