UEFA Euro 2012 Official input / incoming anthem (song)


24 Responses to “UEFA Euro 2012 Official input / incoming anthem (song)”

  1. benjamin gamer says:

    This is really really nice

  2. Niclas Dohle says:

    Awesome song 😉

  3. playteam100 says:

    I love this music

  4. Nino Giovinco says:

    @ Stand97 jop thx

  5. stand97 says:

    YET? Which was played at Forever einalufen

  6. XToerpeX says:

    Heart of Courage!

  7. PS3gamer1895 says:

    I’ll enter the fifa 13 AS music set! : **

  8. TheXernos says:

    the soundtrack IS good hat, but nothing to do with the NFL in 2012!


    just a dream

  10. cobra11fan2012 says:

    Just a horny song exaggerated * – *

  11. Tolga G says:

    hey people seeking Urgent The other song das. Always Prior to entering the player ran into the stages … War instrumental one hears only ne guitar, wsa War Slow, cool merchandise wenns Someone knows thx

  12. Duc Nguyen says:

    I had to quickly cry where I Have Heard!

  13. Keks ed says:

    Horny AS intro so ab 01.10 clock: D

  14. luca527able says:

    the song is so cool ALSO

  15. luca527able says:

    I love the song

  16. TheEngin199 says:

    THIS song will you listen again and again = D

  17. Symbos1 says:

    Pure adrenaline and emotion!

  18. Johnnie Eyzell says:

    It’s like Transformers.

  19. Avaro Roth says:

    “Two Steps From Hell” gibs yes a long time, often producing soundtracks for games die, Heart of Courage came ALSO often at RTL TV program on AS background music … got me months before the album “Invincible” Purchased! Protectors of the Earth is also available Pretty awesome .. pure epic 😉

  20. miepLP says:

    Am I mistaken or war dieser Sondtrack times with NEM rating from casual-MW3?

  21. BerlinGalatasaray says:

    FINALLY FOUND die melody IS the hammer

  22. TheKaix98 says:

    Goosebumps * – *

  23. BANGDIGGA says:

    So hot die Melody fits the ancient Roman battles 🙂

  24. Johann M says:

    IF I hear music during running this, I get goosebumps Then Again: DVorallem at 1:15

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