UEFA EURO 2012 PC Gameplay Spain – Portugal HD


25 Responses to “UEFA EURO 2012 PC Gameplay Spain – Portugal HD”

  1. Pedro Silva says:

    Football games of major championships such as the Euro or the World Cup … always the best physics and cutting-edge graphics when they are released ..

  2. jwalsh760 says:

    The game was shit

  3. rkoman1 says:

    simply diffuclt .. Professional

  4. fernandabravoorduna says:

    Puras mamadas

  5. mihael kajba says:

    No offense to you or anything, but you suck

  6. Prince Will says:

    You came here to comment on this? how pathetic …

  7. AllAspectGaming says:

    never played.

  8. David Muñoz says:


  9. acxel telica says:

    but they are playing for Spain

  10. Florin Trk says:

    Amateur dificult … fail:! |

  11. MrDaouda98 says:

    worthless!! amature

  12. szczepan51 says:

    Amator! sucks

  13. jim tylee says:

    Garbage, I can not see anything: (

  14. Javier Perales says:

    Easy mode o_o

  15. EdibleMarkers says:

    I can not shoot on the 2012 UEFA me. His goal is to chip like all the time. I can not shoot normal, on UT and exhibition but Uefa … Any solution?

  16. vfb18931899 says:

    Amateur mode …..

  17. Jeromy Verdoorn says:


  18. AllAspectGaming says:

    same for me …

  19. Fran Sánchez says:

    You were hurt, learn, information, get bro

  20. Ingus Talcis says:

    Serial number of this game plzz!

  21. fernando gabache says:

    what your PC specs mate

  22. nikolatasev2000 says:

    Download link for this game?

  23. SlavicHonor says:

    just hard?

  24. Walid Hafiddi says:

    I think the level is “VERY VERY VERY EASY”

  25. ismaeelito11 says:

    pero bueno

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