uefa euro 2012 ps3 problem?

uefa euro 2012 ps3 problem?
I downloaded the full add on for ps3 on fifa 12, but the problem is when i select this option all it does say is “owned”. I have downloaded and installed 100kb but when I want to play nothing happens. Do I have to download the trial in order for it to work now, or cannot it never work because i downloaded the full add-on before I did the trial???

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Answer by Franz
I’ve had exactly the same problem, I would recommend re-downloading and then reinstalling perhaps although even this didn’t work for me. I’ll update if I find a solution.

Answer by Captain Jack Sparrow
I have the exact same problem. I’m starting to worry that there is no solution.

Answer by Joshua
I have the same problem too, I bought it for $ 30 Australian and i cant access it.
I tried to download the trial which is the same (100kb) and its taking a long time to download. so Maybe there is a problem with the full version

Answer by paul
download the trial, its 670mb, the purchase file unlocks everything else

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