UEFA Euro 2016 – Intro TRAILER

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13 Responses to UEFA Euro 2016 – Intro TRAILER

  1. uber channel says:

    Plz win euro2016 ok French? By the way russian is going to be acting suck
    in WC 2018

  2. francisco aguilar says:

    So 2008

  3. Jorge Sáez says:

    Fantastic video, but it isn’t the official intro. This is the Offcial
    Pesentation of the UEFA Euro 2016. (In Fench) /watch?v=JY1vABAEiVE

  4. youness123fr says:

    That is, even the introduction of the euro in 2008 🙂

  5. DreyzArt says:

    trailer vélodrome

  6. Wuemic says:

    This Is The Intromusik Of 2008

  7. Ion Demian says:

    WTF coool!

  8. Ion Demian says:

    waW france the best

  9. yalinkilicdenizhan says:

    What the ####

  10. American Raps says:

    In French

  11. Abdi Abdi says:

    Its the intro from 2008

  12. Dax Olesa | Fun & GaminG says:

    Allez l’OM et Allez les bleus !!! <3<3<3

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