US Soccer history “Requiem for a Cycle” – Remembering


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  1. ArkJayB says:

    @vrodz627 When you’ve only taken soccer seriously and you play in a weak confederation, then friendlies are still big when the US takes on the best national teams in the world, which they do with regularity. When they get results in those games, its still a big deal.

  2. ArkJayB says:

    @vrodz627 The US was kept in the game by Howard, but its revisionist history to say they rested on their laurels. The attacking trio of Donovan, Klestan and Adu (who were all in form at the time) took it to Argentina in the final third.

  3. vrodz627 says:

    You mean talent from the Argies not the US. US played the game with the “not to lose” mentality instead of playing to win and attack them. It was only Howard that showed talent. Still no excuse.. if you are using friendlies as one of the best moments of US Soccer then way to bring that bar down.

  4. ArkJayB says:

    The ’95 win has been described as the greatest US win that no one saw. Hence, it is tough to find clips from the game, especially before I made this video. So, I have the clips now and will have them if I make another series before the 2014 World Cup.

    No reason to slag on the ’08 game, which was a real barn-burner. A lot of talent displayed by both teams in that game.

  5. vrodz627 says:

    You left out the US National run in Copa America 95 when they beaten the Argies 3-0 in a “Official” match instead of that glorified friendly win bullshit of that 0-0 game.

  6. MrGrandAyatollah says:

    Love it; I was not born in this country… (USA)…..I am Salvadorian but I have always follow the USA team in any competition of course I support El Salvador 100% but whenever El Salvador is not in the same competition or just didn’t make it, I always cheer for The United States, I have watch all their games….I remember screaming my lungs out at 2:00AM that morning The United States beat Mexico in 2002. Go USA…!

  7. 512TheRock says:

    Great video go USA 2014

  8. hatecore27 says:

    fuck lebron, shaq, d wade, reggie bush, gary sheffield, barry bonds, kg, allen, AMERICA’S TEAM IS THE US SOCCER NATIONAL TEAM

  9. iamthewanganator says:

    Man, if I thought the commentary was bad now…. yikes @ SCOOOOOOOOOOOOREEE U S A

  10. ArkJayB says:

    – well, I didn’t want the series to be repetitive and I knew I was going to show Benny’s goal in a later video.

  11. RigooSuave says:

    dude, major omission…the goal you should have showed against Mexico in the 07 Gold Cup win should have been Feilhaber’s goal. Top three US goals of all time, IMO.

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