USA, Canada, and Mexico will host 2026 FIFA World Cup


16 Responses to “USA, Canada, and Mexico will host 2026 FIFA World Cup”

  1. T44 says:

    The most stupid idea ever.
    Three countries almost biger as a continent.

  2. Whitedigger678 says:

    why us tho?😬

  3. King. Of. Hearts says:

    There is 80 games in total
    20 for canada
    20 for mexico
    And 40 for the usa
    Sounds like a good idea
    But what i have realized is that people all around the world are not happy about the mexico,usa,canada world cup mostly due to racism in the usa, gangs in mexico,and canada is just interested in hockey:
    Edit:Btw these matches are not set in stone yet as anything political can happen and get involved in the world cup

  4. Nathaniel Laine says:

    Put the Final In Seattle lol

  5. Jerome says:

    8 years from now the MLS still be playing catch up with the PL and La Liga will .There's just too much classic history to compete within both those leagues. The NFL, NBA, and MLB rule the sports in the USA.

  6. Wizardly 9 says:

    ONG CANADA IS HOSTING! And it in Toronto! What is 45 minutes away from my house!

  7. Dan Dan says:

    hmmm… from a logistical point of view, it makes no sense. Does this have anything to do with the “North America Union” agenda ???

  8. Hunter Williams-Foust says:

    Mexico is too dangerous to host the World Cup.

  9. Jikook Harling says:

    It's called soccer in the Common Wealth. Deal with it. It's not just a USA thing.

    – a Canadian

  10. Benedict Case says:

    Ngl – the United bid won only because you were bidding agaisnt Morocco

  11. shqipeAl says:

    Do Canada have a football team LOL

  12. Emmanuel Ficachi says:

    Queremos la final en el mitico estadio Azteca.

  13. Uriel Vasquez says:

    Wait why not the lafc stadium

  14. gomezlakade says:


  15. John Vroonhoven says:

    Looking forward to this World Cup, even more if we Dutchies finally manage to qualify once again. But you lot know how to organize things like this properly and have all the infrastructure (when Trump is finished MAGA-ing), although I don't think anyone will be hoping to play in Mexico a lot…. and tbh; most Europeans hope to play in Canada as much as possible, and not just due to the lower temperatures there in summer will….no offence Mexicunts. 😉

  16. oposoum says:

    Qatar was a bad idea, but at least the stadiums will be at close distances. How a football fan from another continent, even from South America, will afford the cost of moving to different cities and countries?

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