VIDEO: BRAZIL massive protests in the unrest sweeping the country as VIOLENT get (WM 2014)


25 Responses to “VIDEO: BRAZIL massive protests in the unrest sweeping the country as VIOLENT get (WM 2014)”

  1. MsLadyluv123 says:

    Worry, anger, jealousy, hatred, ill will, resentment, revenge, irritation, anger, guilt, depression, anxiety, lack of joy and happiness, and all other negative emotions and thoughts have a negative effect on the body, and open the door for sickness and disease. LET NO ONE TAKE your joy.

  2. Jos C says:

    Lol, just because you do not know anything about anarchism they do anything wrong? Seems genuine.

  3. Lucas Vieira says:

    Revolution of Pigs in a sense orwelian

  4. saywhat220 says:

    Hahaha nek minit (start taking free kicks from the guards)

  5. Henry Lovetti says:

    Make straight in the people to break windows and fire search. Would you feel safe living in an anarchist society with these people? I would not.

  6. JP S says:

    Yea, as you suggest, dass you can not live there, you do not speak for them or how you think they should do things.

  7. JP S says:

    Fools they are doing the right thing. You’re just mad you do not have the balls to start here in ‘Merica

  8. Henry Lovetti says:

    You do it the wrong way. if they destroy their own business, then they will be more bad. These are not protesters. They are anarchists.

  9. Henry Lovetti says:

    Anarchy is a terrible idea. Take a change of government.

  10. 3rdRockRising says:

    I see you improve on a lot of the videos we are obiously the same way … Good luck and keep up girl.

  11. 3rdRockRising says:

    meanwhile CNN Punkass paula dean martin and trayvonne reported no coverage of the revolution. I hate this government Brainwasher.

  12. mike koch says:

    brazillllll go! Greetings from the Greek anarchist movement! our hearts are with you …

  13. Nowhite Shame says:

    Hope that the Palestinians rape and murder your mother.

  14. dlanor epmart says:

    I am for the people of Brazil. The Olympics are going to do something for the people of Brazil, except for the very rich.

  15. Kingyeshuaswitness says:

    Your obviously a miserable person with a character like yours … Justice has been served. Their depressed all day and have no hope in something that you access to a very low insults as a source of “fun”. What kind of person you’re fucked. GTFO

  16. monkeyoozz says:

    when the army coming to riots, as this would in America and maintains a chance molitovs

  17. AlexDemendonca says:

    Mrs. Lilyziyi, It pains me to see that you have no idea of ​​what capitalism is. It has nothing to do with what you do infer in your post. Please read Adam Smith’s “Wealth of Nations” and then try to write again. Or maybe you can also try to capitalism as Ain edge tome, before you post again. If you are still ignorant or deceitfull after he read it, so be it. Many blessings.,

  18. Nowhite Shame says:

    Hope that the Palestinians rape and murder your mother.

  19. irish rover says:

    well done you are all heroes Brazil

  20. IThinkWithMy Liver says:

    Yes! 100% true!

  21. IThinkWithMy Liver says:

    Thank you for the translation!

  22. IThinkWithMy Liver says:

    Me too!

  23. bill nye says:

    I’m so proud of Brazilian people

  24. bill nye says:

    yes they are

  25. TakeMeToTheWaters says:

    Why is there not seen it? Has this world population even know what’s going on? There must be more support. Incredibly angry that the media did not put this at the center.

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