We Want To Discuss About The Qatar 2022 World Cup


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  1. James Angelopoulos says:

    The statistic of 4000 people dying is inflated and fails to re cognize that over a 12 year span, the same span that Qatar has had to build the stadiums, is the same amount of workers (unionized and migrant combined) that die in the UK during stadium renovations over a 12 year span.

    Not to mention that, despite Kaffala being a horrid practice, the system was abolished in 2015. This has seen a dramatic decrease in the amount of on-site deaths of workers in Qatar, as well as safety regulations at an all time high. This means the fatality rate of workers in Qatar will be LOWER by 2022 than in nations like the UK.

    Now if you dislike the cup being held in Winter… oh well, yeah it sucks if you're a fan of the Premiere League and European football. I can't really argue with you here as this is all a matter of opinion, but I won't lose sleep over Juventus, Real, Barca, or PSG being the favourites to top their leagues by miles again when the 2022 World Cup, due to its location and infrastructure, prove to be much more entertaining by the amount of surorises being offered to us will.

  2. Muneera Alghanim says:

    And the winner is Qatar

  3. ΛIDΛN says:

    “the weiner…”

  4. Xosios Phantom says:

    Like this PNI

  5. Q-Slayer says:

    Are you kidding me? Qatar had made many labour law reforms in recent times, its illegal to take someone's passport, there are museums that is dedicated to slavery.

    Come here to Qatar, i would love to take you around

  6. Thomas says:

    Great video!

  7. Hail Giratina The true god says:

    Your not corrption, if you pay with Ferraries

  8. indyboy55 says:


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