1. Vincent Dang says:

    Century link field has the Seattle Seahawks together with the sirens

  2. sirus804 says:

    The new LA Rams stadium will be finished by then and will be the newest stadium so they're going to use that one. Plus, it is going to look so cool like the one in Atlanta. Probably the same applies for Mercedes Benz stadium and Metlife since they're brand new.

  3. Dominique Cunningham says:

    Baltimore is Definately gonna get some games because we have hosted copa. America and 2 gold cups plus we always sell out when we host international friendlys

  4. Gabriel Ozores-Albright says:

    And the seahawks play at century link

  5. Gabriel Ozores-Albright says:

    I live in Manhattan and ive gone to metlife and it mostly takes 45 minutes to an hour to get there fyi

  6. The FakeAmerican says:

    Why are people saying that The Rose Bowl is going o get the World Cup . It’s going to new LA Stadium that is currently being built.
    By the way ,the NFL Seattle Seahawks play in Centurylink Field

  7. Walter Miller says:

    Seattle Seahawks play at CenturyLink field.

  8. Walter Miller says:

    Kansas City is an underdog but should be considered A: MLS team. B: USMNT Training facility now located in KC. C: New airport and other infrastructure already approved and being constructed. D:Major tournaments draw great crowds there. (Just look at The big 12 tournament and March Madness) KC would 100% ALL IN for this. Last but not least ARROWHEAD STADIUM!!! over 80,000 capacity (77,000 Seats)and Guinness book or world record holder for Loudest outdoor stadium in the world (142.2 dbA), it deserves to see the world stage!

  9. Kevin Sauza says:

    good video btw at&t can have a volume of 100,000

  10. Enrique Gonzalez says:

    Mexico and Canada earn more games.

  11. Nasir Ali says:

    Mexico deserves the world cup but Canada and US don't deserve it at al

  12. Elibur Zenos says:

    It should to be in the new LA staduim in Hollywood park it to be done want in 2020

  13. Julian Harden says:

    I'm lost in a lost in how to to the 2022 bid to Qatar. Love the video btw.

  14. Just Things says:

    Go to FCD! Lol

  15. Antoine Doucet says:

    Forget Miami, make it Raymond James in Tampa. It has been renovated with huge HD video boards and surround sound system. Plus it is the only stadium you will find a pirate ship in it. Would be perfect for all of the US games so when we score they can fire the cannons

  16. Carlos Guzman says:

    Philadelphia Lincoln Financial Field? Robert craft might be hard to say no to in Boston.

  17. Abner Torres says:

    I think it comes to infrastructure issues, possibly?

  18. Abner Torres says:

    We have a long way , unfortunately!

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