What EA’s FIFA 12 “video game like on PSP?

What EA’s FIFA 12 “video game like on PSP
What are the graphics like, gamplay, etc. Ill choose a best answer * 10 points * Best Answer (s):

response from PSPHackeez39
Graphics: 8/10Gameplay: 9/10Detail: 4/10 (this is because the players are not in their actual club) Sound: 7/10 (nice songs) Online: 8/10so round, 36/50 better to PES 2012, because it is much better …. and here is the website of FIFA ’12 http://www.pspshare.org/fifa-12- psp / downloading and here is the Webste to Pes ’12 http://www.pspshare.org/psp-games-download-pes-2012-psp/


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