What Team Will Come Out On Top At Euro 2012?

Article by Alex MacGregor

At international tournaments the competition is always fierce with a number of top teams all capable of winning the tournament. Going into Euro 2012 Spain are certain to be the favourites for the tournament having won Euro 2008 and the World Cup in 2010. However there are a number of countries all capable of winning the tournament and at the last few it has not necessarily been the favourites that have won.

Spain’s popularity is huge, this is seen clearly with the number of Euro 2012 Spain football shirts that have been sold, and since their recent successes there is huge expectation on them to continue to succeed and progress. It certainly isn’t going to be easy for them with Italy, Holland, Germany and England to name a few all building great squads who are all looking to perform well at the Euros and take the trophy home with them.

Germany and Holland looked particularly string at the World Cup in South Africa and with their players now being a year older, certainly in Germanys case where they had a lot of younger players in the squad, they look to be even stringer and could go all the way at Euro 2012. Italy is going through a transition period and bring through younger players which could rejuvenate the squad and allow them to compete again at the top of international football.

As always, there will be a lot of attention paid to England’s chances of winning the tournament with a huge amount of expectation from the fans. England had a disappointing tournament in South Africa but they are starting to see some fresh players like Jack Wilshere come into the squad which could help to change the fortunes of England. There is no doubt that the England Euro 2012 soccer jerseys will be amongst the most popular shirts sold during the tournament and that there will be a huge number of England fans making the trip over to Poland and Ukraine.

At the moment Spain are certainly the team to beat and look unstoppable just now but there is a while to go until the big kick off and depending on how fit all the players are and who comes through for other teams it may not be quite as easy for Spain as it has been for a number of years. It is certainly safe to say that there will be a huge amount of competition this year and that the winning Euro 2012 football shirts will certainly be the most sought after kits of the year.

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