Which Metropolis Will Host The 2026 World Cup Last? | ESPN FC


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  1. bm playz says:

    It should York themselves in New

  2. Chris Napolion says:


  3. Liberty Entertainment IPTV says:

    I hope the US and Canada choose city in the Midwest and West coast region and east coast just for the match on the night.

  4. you're right says:

    Lawn sucks

  5. love flower says:

    I'm pretty happy the world cup is in MetLife because azteca is in Mexico and if the US make it then we will have home advantage

  6. saandez 2827 says:

    It should be New York because it's a popular place and new. If they pick Azteca it is a history but they should do it at a new stadium.

  7. Gustavo Fialho says:


  8. The super Ostrich says:


  9. WHENWEDIE! says:

    US not well as football.

  10. eddie bear says:

    FedEx Field is a bunghole thanks to Dan Snyder. If you wanted romantic, have one of the elimination matches be in Philly on July 4, 2026 because the final will most likely be in mid-July.

  11. Kane337 says:


  12. Andrew Hernandez says:

    Build a stadium in Las Vegas!

  13. AL EX says:

    It has to be between the Inglewood stadium under construction in LA or the Azteca stadium in Mexico cuz I mean it’s the Azteca the most historic World Cup stadium

  14. Alfredo Sanchez says:

    Azteca es el de mejor impacto

  15. why ? says:

    Azteca boi ¡Viva Mexico!

  16. Javier Saint says:


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