Why not “2014 FIFA World Cup” in USA?

Why not “2014 FIFA World Cup” in USA?
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response from hungryhungryhippo
that would be great, football is not so popular in the U.S. and that would really help. I would go to games

response from txz_gurl
I think that would be so cool … I would make the game cuz i love soccer .. I would be so happy if they had it here

response from uniao.europeia
Since the U.S. is not in South America (or CONMEBOL), FIFA has assigned to the Football World Cup 2014 USA auszurichten.Die like, but a serious bid to host either the 2018 or the 2022 (when FIFA rotation schedule remains until then it will turn to the North (or CONCACAF) be).

response of ZI
That would be great, I’m sure. I do not know what to say FIFA, but I know that FIFA would make a lot of money and that’s were you have other countries to fight for the world championship?

cant reply by sean c
The U.S. Make an offer on this toilet cos it’s not in South America. 2018 but I think would be a good fit. That was very popular in the previous WC she hosted and I think the fans would love it and are more excited

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