Why not go to the World Cup in Brazil


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  1. DiepstratenJoris says:

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  2. miamihurricane101 says:

    Funny, I was typing: “This happened in Atlanta, GA.” Then in the last segment they mention Atlanta. LOL. Welcome to the new world corporate order.

  3. gustavowizard says:

    Warzone for 2014 = Bullshit (I speak it in from Brazil), here we have an insane corruption must come to an end, but a reasonable person knows these symptoms are Pacific (at least 90% of them), and we are veeeery far from any civil war. So for anyone who want to come for Wordcup, but come Caution – cities in Brazil are violent as NY was 20 years ago, as you were acting in NY, you will be safe, I lived in smaller towns to Brasil for 33 years and I never got robbed, not one time …

  4. ConnectionsToGaia says:

    Would not that be incredible, I could not agree more.

  5. Geri Doust says:

    However, I love sports of all this energy that we put into play the sport now needs to start watching participation’ll stop in this system.

  6. Shawn M says:

    the profits from FIFA to go in. back to the country hosted the World Cup in

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