Will 2016 Be the End?

2016 It's been eight years since the progressive president who promised to fundamentally change the United States of America assumed office. Afte...


It’s been eight years since the progressive president who promised to fundamentally change the United States of America assumed office. After an extremely difficult first year and a half of his presidency; where his pole numbers dropped almost daily, his popularity began to slightly rise due to the fact that under the auspices of “helping the people,” billions of devalued dollars were given to the people to help “stimulate” the economy; this was in response to the fact that many individuals were still out of work, due to the passing of the much controversial “Cap and Trade” bill; which, even though the citizens of the United States were opposed to that piece of legislation, it still passed however…due to the fact that the massive amounts of “potential revenue” were so needed by the governmental machine by early 2010, due to the fact that a slightly watered down, but still devastatingly expensive health care reform bill was passed in 2009, just before the legislative bodies went on their Winter Break.

Unemployment was slightly reduced in early 2010, as the majority party understood very well, that their empty rhetoric of telling the people that things were drastically improving, didn’t work, as people still couldn’t find a job, or if they could find work, it was not providing them with an adequate amount of income, as inflation was at it’s highest level in our history, and due to the fact…

that even those who were working again, held jobs that paid only minimum wage, and much of their paychecks went toward paying their mandatory contribution to the governmental health care system. This new, higher, and supposedly, more livable wage, was after all legislatively enacted for this very purpose, after all, the poor people had to have something left after giving the government their money, or it wouldn’t have been worth it for them to work, after all, with illegal aliens numbers reaching the 20 million mark by 2012, there would be enough people that were not required to pay into the system as it was!

Many of the people who were able to go back to work at this point, were employed due to the fact that many short term “infrastructure” projects were started just before the 2010 mid-term elections, and again, just before the extremely close presidential race of 2012.

All seemed to be lost for the president of change: until, at the last minute…when his chief rival made a deal with him to join the ticket as the Vice-Presidential pick; even though the presidents approval numbers were the lowest in the history of the United States, his numbers had slightly improved; due to the massive stimulus packages; checks, sent this time directly to the citizens of the United States (courtesy of the Chinese government).

The election was extremely close, but due to wide-spread voter fraud, 2012’s election again went to the liberal party, and as millions of illegal aliens were able to participate in the election, it easily went to the party who gave them free health care, and the ability to stay for a number of years as a guest worker, without of course paying “any” taxes. This, after all…was heard by the Supreme Court of the United States on several occasions by 2012, and, as the president was able to pick another liberal justice by the end of his first term, landmark legislation was enacted to allow certain undocumented aliens to vote in national elections, as they were affected by their out-come. This, of course was upheld by the increasingly liberal court.

The presidents second term began, with sweeping firearms abolishment legislation, and the right to marry anyone was upheld by the court…one could also marry as many people as one desired, as long as the government received an adequate contribution per year. The Constitution couldn’t be recognized by 2015, and many wealthy “American citizens” had already left the country for more desirable locations by 2016. Canada, and certain parts of northern Europe were frequent destinations, even Mexico was seen as a place of refuge; which, as most of their unwanted populations had illegally immigrated to the United States, was more than happy to take accept these American citizens, who had wealth, and the ability to produce more wealth…this…to the Mexican Government, was a welcome economic shift. Many firearms enthusiast went elsewhere as well, due to the sweeping gun control legislation passed, due to several firearms related instances perpetrated by radical Muslim extremist, and since the liberal Supreme Court held that racial profiling was un-Constitutional, all American citizens were disarmed by emergency decree, an order carried out by the United States Military, under the auspices of the National Weapons Czar. This led to many fleeing the Old Country, as this action converted “many” of the best American citizens into fugitives, this was a far bigger task then the government thought, as it was very costly indeed, many members of the military deserted (patriots all), seeing their country being destroyed, and taking their weapons with them. There was after all, more militarily trained individuals out-side of the military than there was currently serving on active duty; even though sweeping legislation, and executive orders had called many back to service, who had felt that they were well beyond such a recall. The stars and stripes was carried into many small battles through-out the land, many refused to fire against her, but many patriots carried her as well, resulting in military surrenders in mass, soldiers simply refused to fire upon their own people; this was after all…a strange type of guerilla warfare; not since the Civil War, was it so difficult to be able to identify the enemy, because, we really weren’t enemies at all.

By the time they (the government of the United States) realized what had happened, it was too late! The Government had subsidized the poor, and made more poor people…the government had subsidized the illegal workers, and had no one to pay taxes. The government…had taxed the factories, and had none left. The only way out was to hope for the best, and to make a deal with China. We couldn’t even pray; after all…the United States was no longer a Christian nation!

We had danced with the devil indeed…

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