World Cup 2022 *Prediction*


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  1. Slovakia ball says:

    where the Slovakia ? we are not here because we are so well ik

  2. Blal Driss says:

    Colombia 😢😪

  3. finland mapper says:

    Wtf Sweden won englant

  4. Simon Adrián Ondrušek says:

    Where the is Slovakia?

  5. Lee A glover says:

    Hi he's a England prediction for 2022 and when you rearrange the letters of. The holy book of Daniel and the writing's on the wall's. it can say these words. Roil h Kane Best foot shot win the Goley Hand will

  6. Jazza Ball says:


  7. France Ball says:

    Ever t'ai refait un nouveau intro

  8. Lazy Loaf says:


  9. Lazy Loaf says:

    Where to Russia

  10. LKW Pommespantzer says:


  11. Anh Vũ says:

    Asian cup 2019 forecasts in country balls please

  12. Jonnathan Vz says:

    Euro 2020 in country balls

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