World Cup 2026: 17 U.S cities are within the working to host the video games


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  1. Jaguar Master says:

    Der letzten Zeit ein world cup wurde nicht mehr als einem Land war in 2002 wenn es war in Korea und Japan

  2. my password is this says:


  3. Justin Rodriguez says:


  4. Shivam Pathak says:

    Postal code I need a Germany game in Denver

  5. love flower says:

    I hate the mistakes you do when you say, boston, if the in fox district

  6. SHSSH says:

    We will show the world what a terrible streets we .

  7. JORGE URIBE says:

    Yes! Orlando and Miami! Two close cities to go to. I live in either in one of those cities you guess. 🙂

  8. Kenny Cox says:

    The traffic in Miami los Angeles and houston is horrible as it is. 😖

  9. Guilherme Gabriel says:

    I hope to go Angeles to Los in in in 2026.

  10. Chivas Madrid says:

    Esta duo Aztec final

  11. Enderguy Gamer says:

    Where TF Chicago 😤😭😡😡🤬

  12. Paul Boateng says:

    Atlanta to each case.

  13. martin loza says:


  14. Babushka boi says:


  15. Carlos Guzman says:

    Disappointed Chicago pulled out but I really hope Nashville, Atlanta, & Denver make the final cut!

  16. Rushid Tahiri says:

    How can the Ann Arbor stadium not be here?? , it’s the biggest stadium in the continent of North America with a capacity of over 107,000.

  17. No Name says:

    Phoenix is't here 😞

  18. Mar says:

    from mexico to canada and all across the US. why not just have the world cup in the entire world. what's the point really. in 2006 the world cup in germany you could travel by car or train to every location in a couple of hours. now you have to fly across an entire continent. might as well have the games in cities across the globe. makes just as much sense.

  19. Andrevitor Araújo Silva says:

    hence the a 8 anos a copa as Latin America do Norte em 2026

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