World Cup Brazil 2014 – Most Shocking Moments and Highlights in pictures


18 Responses to “World Cup Brazil 2014 – Most Shocking Moments and Highlights in pictures”

  1. 16newyork23 says:

    Lmao that ronaldo haircut shit want even true !!! Want thw motive for his
    hair cut

  2. Sergio Andres Gonzalez Gomez says:

    I think You should Put the horrible referee act in the match Colombia vs

  3. ivan pc says:

    what it mean by little help of casillas??????

  4. Zayd Alkadri says:

    How did Columbia get the fair play award after injuring Neymar? 

  5. YoshiMalaguista says:

    Ochoa has already got a great team: Málaga C.F.

  6. Rocksmith Pdl says:

    this was gay i thought you had the actual clips?

  7. Chris Mertz says:

    Some of these are not true

  8. Chris Mertz says:

    First straight red card actually went to Pereira for striking Joel Campbell

  9. TheUndeadPug Delapug says:

    Fuck Robben

  10. Paco Anguiano says:

    What about Giovani dos Santos 2 disallowed goals against Cameroon? 

  11. Marlon Arce Acuna says:

    Interesting video but Costa Rica is in Central America so you know.
    Latin America refers in general to all Spanish speaking countries.

  12. israel olvera says:

    The story of the ronaldo haircut was fake

  13. Coronax805 says:


  14. TarryWhisper i says:

    much good video=sub :)

  15. Chris Mertz says:

    First straight red card actually wento to Pereira for striking Joel

  16. Joe Hartless says:

    I really liked this!

  17. swanpride says:

    Honestly, the tackle of Neuer wasn’t dirty, a goalie is allowed to do that.
    It looks bad in the stand-still, but if you see it in motion you see that
    1. Higuain is deliberately running into this one (there was a similar scene
    during the game with Klose and the other goal keeper in which nothing
    happened because Klose actually followed the rule that goalies are
    sacrosanct in their own box and stopped instead of running right into the
    stretched leg) and 2. lt didn’t even connect with the face, plus Neuer was
    clearly first at the ball. In fact, Neuer was lucky that he didn’t get hurt
    – I first though that it should have been a simple throw in for Argentina,
    but after a second look I realized that the striker was looking for the
    contact (most likely to get a penalty).
    You also forgot Germany against Algeria (with Neuer playing the sweeper
    keeper), and even more important, Klose becoming the all time top-scorer.
    What about the Columbian/Brazilian game? The lucky bug and the ref with no
    control at all? Or the numerous head injuries? 

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