World Cup Champions History [1930-2006]


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  1. racginda says:


  2. tobyas95xeneise says:

    ya pele is the king !!! but maradona is god!!

  3. santiago2012uy says:

    URUGUAY !!!!!!

  4. macpugh1 says:

    Was it just me or was there no Cruyff? 

  5. brybry19871987 says:

    What do you mean he could have been called?

  6. BurnRoddy says:

    Yes he was in the 1994 WC he was injured a few months prior the 1998 WC he would’ve made a great 1998 performance, finally he could’ve been called for the 2010 WC, history can be cruel.

  7. BurnRoddy says:

    Thats the most random thing ever LOL

  8. gerr1986 says:

    to brybry19871987: yea, ronaldo was in da brazilian national team from 1994 to 2006, i think. but i dont think he went to the 1994 world cup final

  9. gerr1986 says:

    haha i know. mexico became the first country to host two world cups. first in 1970 & 1986. pele in 70 and maradona in 86. the aztec stadium witnessed these impressive scenes, with the top 2 best players in history. i dont think any other country will witness this

  10. brybry19871987 says:

    was Ronaldo on the 94′ Brazil team?

  11. DrStrangebomb1993 says:

    In the stars collection, you seem to have forgotten Gheorghe Hagi.

  12. kazumai27 says:

    its a shame spain won they didnt deserve it

  13. samster663 says:

    2010 spain won:p 🙂 🙁 :~)

  14. madmax8903 says:

    I hate Argentina. The very name seems synonymous with Fascism and unfair play. Their two world cup wins have the stink of cheats about them, the strange capitulation of Peru and Maradonna’s handball. Peron harboured alot of Nazis after WWII and here’s one thing you’ll never ever see: a black player run out in the sky blue and white.

  15. nikochan80 says:

    2014 Chile XD

    Good Video 🙂

  16. nickcenafan123 says:

    uhm italy actually won in 34 and 38

  17. xdarturito says:

    2010 spain

  18. hotty2hotty2hot says:

    @ahaahaboy you my friend dont know of soccer mexico has not even got passed the 1/8 ok

  19. Htowndude1000 says:

    messi or christiano

  20. ThePimpmyride13 says:

    maradona is not a star hes a cheater did anybody see that so called goal he made with his fist and messi copyed him and did the same thing

  21. skate3745 says:

    2010:Spain :(

  22. KevinNavaSkee says:

    2010 Spain!!!!!!!!!

  23. zd14m says:

    this video is so fucked up, all this is backwards not true, spain hasnt ever been to the finals why did you say they where champs? dumbass theyre first time was just a couple days ago!!

  24. nomatterhoow says:

    to be continued in Brazil 2014!!!!!!

  25. nomatterhoow says:

    puede ser que en el minuto 5:23 (mundial del 94) se te haya colado una foto de otro mundial…porque creo que Ronaldo no jugo en el 94…

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